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The perils & pitfalls of laptops and kitchen tables

So here I am sat at my kitchen table updating the clinic website trying to be a busy little worker bee on a Tuesday whilst the house is quiet...

I know I have spoken to many of you, many times over the last 9 months since we have been reopened regarding Working From Home. I have heard the pros and cons from you including...

better / worse work life balance

no travelling time

pyjamas in the office all day,

better coffee / tea

lack of social interaction

missing your office best friend

pets / children /partners interrupting your thoughts every 5 minutes

However the topic I want to discuss today is the incredible strain sitting all day at a poorly set up work station can have on your spine. I just got up and hobbled over to my kettle, because lets be honest when I thought taking the study apart I hadn't envisioned having to sit at my kitchen table for hours sorting out admin! So I implore you all if you are staying and working from home for the foreseeable future please set aside a little time to set yourself up properly.

So here are a couple of our top Clinic tips for you :

> If you can get a desk (get a riser desk) and proper office type chair this will make your spine happy and your posture so much better.

> When using a chair (without the risk of sounding like your mom) pop your bottom onto it! No crossed legs, no foot under bum, no kneeling or slouching please.

> If you're really up for a challenge why not swap your chair for a gym ball? They're great for your core, great for your posture ...try slouching on one without falling off!

> For those of you working from laptops try using a stand or a separate screen.

> Think about gel pad supports for your mouse and keyboard, and please DO NOT place them over the halfway across your work area from you (your shoulders will thank you later!)

> Whatever you are doing when you are working from home, you should be taking a break from any constant posture for at least 5 minutes every hour to an hour and half max.

> If you are the type of patient who gets lost in your work, set an alarm on your computer maybe go for a little walk in your garden, make a cuppa do some desk based stretches.

Hope these help! I'm off to do some yoga before I turn to concrete


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