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Leg Injury

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage treatment is a form of manual therapy involving deep tissue massage that is used to help anyone who participates in regular physical activity or has a physically demanding lifestyle.  Sports massage can help with problems and imbalances in the soft tissues of the body that include muscles, tendons, ligaments and the fascia.  These soft tissues may be subject to daily repetitive stresses and strains from work, physical activity or even trauma.  All these external factors may eventually mean that these tissues may not feel so ‘soft’ anymore! 
Sports massage is not just limited to those participating in sports but it can be used for people suffering with chronic pain and ongoing tension by using a variety of massage techniques.  Your therapist will decide which techniques are most appropriate for your condition.  They will apply the correct amount of pressure in order for the technique to provide the maximum amount of benefit all within your tolerance levels.     Some of the techniques our sports massage therapist is trained in include :

Sports massage on leg


Involves the therapist using slow rhythmical stroking actions along the surface of the skin. 


This form of palpation allows your therapist to identify and gain an understanding of areas of abnormality, pain and tension which may be causing you irritation.  


Your therapist will alter their pressure from light to firm to deep depending on your condition and the areas of discomfort.

Effleurage helps to soothe sore muscles, helps with relaxation, increases tissue temperature and local circulation to the applied area. 

Spa Massage

Cross Friction

Friction techniques are used for areas of adhesion and scarring that require firmer pressure. 


This technique requires deep pressure and forceful movements applied across the fibres. 


This helps to break down adhesions and scars, restore the elastic properties of the tissues, increase blood flow and stimulate the healing process.   

Neck Massage


A type of kneading action involving lifting, rolling and squeezing the affected tissues. 


This technique helps to loosen the muscle spasms and adhesions.  It can help to improve the mobility between the different types of tissues. 


Petrissage like effleurage helps to increase the local circulation, whilst reducing inflammation and improving the overall tone.

rock blades_edited.jpg

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Paul is qualified to use Rockblades as part of his toolkit of therapies.  Rockblades are metal instruments which are stroked over the skin at varying angles, pressure and intensities to mobilise and massage the underlying fascia and muscle tissue. 


IASTM therapy is very useful for chronic ongoing issues that require a deeper level of soft tissue release and can be used for scars, adhesions and fascial restrictions to restore full function to the area. 


This technique causes a controlled microtrauma to the affected area which then stimulates a local inflammatory response. 


This inflammatory response is the body’s trigger for healing.  It allows for reabsorption of the excess fibrosis and scar tissue that has formed, thus allowing for a remodelling of the soft tissue it is being applied to

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